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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Benedict XVI has named Swiss Bishop Kurt Koch as the new president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (video).

Cardinal Marc Ouellet has said he was surprised to be named the new prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. Communio has posted links to his articles.

Rome Reports profiles Archbishop Rino Fisichella, first president of the new Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation (video).

The Economist pontificates on the “Popeshuffle”.

Nine governments have challenged the European Court of Human Rights ruling on crucifixes in Italian public schools.

The Catholic Church has given £350,000 to the needy in London.

Vatican Radio talks to the Holy See’s lawyer Jeffrey Lena.

Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark looks ahead to the papal visit to Britain (audio).

Thinking Faith talks to the Catholic chaplain to Manchester United about football chaplaincy.

Fr Michael Gollop asks what Pusey would have made of the Pope’s offer to Anglicans.

Michael Sean Winters signs off at America magazine.

And comedy writer Jane Bussmann explains why a visit to Uganda cured her anti-clericalism.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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In an oblique response to the abuse crisis, Pope Benedict has announced that he will dedicate his Easter weekly general audiences to the priesthood (video).

The Vatican confirmed yesterday that Fr Jerzy Popiełuszko, the Solidarity priest and martyr, will be beatified on June 6 in Marshal J Pilsudski Square in Warsaw.

Mexico City churches have reported a surge in Mass-goers during Holy Week.

Ross Douthat goes another round with Christopher Hitchens over the Pope and the abuse scandal.

Fr Joseph Fessio SJ defends the future Pope’s handling of the Kiesle case (video).

Paolo Rodari reports that the Vatican’s English Twitter feed is far more popular than those of other languages.

Thinking Faith salutes Robert Parsons, “the exemplar of the sinister Jesuit of popular imagination”, who died 400 years ago today.

Rod Dreher wonders if our minds are hard-wired for God.

Rob Vischer asks why senior Church officials are so gaffe-prone.

Andrew Sullivan suggests that new Catholic churches should look like Apple stores.

Catholic blogger Mark Shea wonders if the internet is making our manners coarser.

And, in response to the “12 evilest Pope pictures” meme, Anna Arco presents the “12 sweetest Pope pictures“. E D Kain applauds.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict has denounced clashes between African immigrants and the local population in southern Italy, as well as the murder of Copts in Egypt.

He has also visited the French Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, who was hospitalised after breaking a hip during the Pope’s Midnight Mass security scare, and praised the Pontifical North American College.

The Holy Year of St James has begun in style at Santiago de Compostela.

Malaysia’s Christians are defying recent attacks.

The man who nearly killed John Paul II is reportedly considering book and film offers.

This is what the Pope said during his recent visit to a Rome soup kitchen.

Cindy Wooden previews Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Rome’s Great Synagogue next Sunday.

John Allen wonders how the Vatican will react to signs of secularisation in Latin America.

A leading charity says a new British Government Bill will make it illegal for the Catholic Church to deny ordination to women.

Fr Tim Finigan explains what it’s like to celebrate Mass in St Peter’s Basilica.

Mulier Fortis ponders what’s behind the “Stand Up for Vatican II” campaign.

Broadcaster Simon Mayo claims the BBC is “driving religion to the margin”.

Mgr Graham Leonard’s funeral will take place at the Oxford Oratory on January 21.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has defended a controversial sculpture of the disgraced former Archbishop Rembert Weakland.

Thinking Faith, the online journal of the British Jesuits, reviews two major new books about Christian-Muslim relations.

A new documentary about the Catholic novelist Walker Percy will air in America this year.

New Atheists are upset by the “God mode” in Windows 7.

And Mel Gibson urges politicians to read the work of Hilaire Belloc.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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The Catholic News Service reports on what the Holy See’s delegate said at Copenhagen’s climate talks.

Fr Raymond de Souza considers the Vatican’s “green gambit”, as does Sandro Magister.

John Allen assesses the health of Jewish-Catholic relations.

The Anglo-Catholic blog seeks to gague interest in Pope Benedict’s offer.

Deacon Keith Fournier hails a “St Thomas More” in the making.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien says he wants Scotland to return to Christian values in 2010.

The Holy See and the European Union sign a new monetary convention.

A carnival worker and a racing chaplain address an unusual Vatican conference.

A Cuban pilgrimage blends Catholicism with Santeria.

A priest joins an atheist in suing his bishop.

The NYT reviews James Tissot’s “Life of Christ” series.

Thinking Faith evaluates a major new history of early Christianity.

And Zenit explains why Christmas has a Mexican look at the Vatican this year.