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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Benedict XVI returned from Castel Gandolfo for a few hours yesterday to address more than 21,000 pilgrims in St Peter’s Square (video).

Cardinal Sodano has given an interview to L’Osservatore Romano explaining why he made an outspoken defence of the Pope on Easter Sunday.

The New York Times reports on a bishop in Norway who resigned in May after admitting he had abused a boy.

NPR investigates whether the Vatican can be sued in US courts.

Rome Reports defends Benedict XVI’s record on battling sex abuse in the Church (video).

George Weigel attempts to separate truth from falsehood in the abuse scandal.

AP suggests that future popes will be closely vetted following the crisis.

The Pew Research Centre finds that Protestants are more critical than Catholics of the Pope’s handling of the crisis.

The wrong actions of some do not justify the vilification of all, Archbishop Donald Wuerl argues in the Washington Post.

Sholto Byrnes of the New Statesman wonders what has happened to the Catholic Church he grew up in.

Austen Ivereigh is shocked by claims that the Legion of Christ bribed senior Vatican cardinals. His colleague, Michael Sean Winters, isn’t.

Tim Drake speculates on Archbishop Gomez’s priorities as the future head of Los Angeles archdiocese.

Kathryn Jean Lopez clashes with Maureen Dowd over the status of women in the Church.

Ross Douthat wonders why the number of Americans who believe in the Resurrection is falling.

And Westminster Auxiliary Bishop George Stack gives the thumbs up to a new film about a Carmelite community in London.


Morning Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict XVI reflected on how different Western culture would be without the parable of the Prodigal Son in his Angelus address yesterday (full text, video).

The Church in Switzerland has said it is investigating 60 claims of sexual abuse by priests.

Campaigners in Germany are claiming that the Vatican helped Adolf Eichmann to escape to Argentina.

A talented Scottish politician has stepped down to play a key role in the Pope’s visit to Scotland.

The Catholic mother of Madeleine McCann has said she prays for the people who have kidnapped her daughter.

Lawyer Nicholas Cafardi reflects on the lessons of the Irish abuse crisis.

Zenit interviews the bishop of the world’s most dangerous city, Ciudad Juarez, where 2,660 people were killed last year.

An American bishop has denounced Protestants who are distributing the “reprehensible, discriminatory and bigoted” Chick tracts in his diocese.

NPR profiles the US bishops’ “point man” on abortion and healthcare reform.

And First Things celebrates the late, great Catholic film director Eric Rohmer.