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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Benedict XVI returned from Castel Gandolfo for a few hours yesterday to address more than 21,000 pilgrims in St Peter’s Square (video).

Cardinal Sodano has given an interview to L’Osservatore Romano explaining why he made an outspoken defence of the Pope on Easter Sunday.

The New York Times reports on a bishop in Norway who resigned in May after admitting he had abused a boy.

NPR investigates whether the Vatican can be sued in US courts.

Rome Reports defends Benedict XVI’s record on battling sex abuse in the Church (video).

George Weigel attempts to separate truth from falsehood in the abuse scandal.

AP suggests that future popes will be closely vetted following the crisis.

The Pew Research Centre finds that Protestants are more critical than Catholics of the Pope’s handling of the crisis.

The wrong actions of some do not justify the vilification of all, Archbishop Donald Wuerl argues in the Washington Post.

Sholto Byrnes of the New Statesman wonders what has happened to the Catholic Church he grew up in.

Austen Ivereigh is shocked by claims that the Legion of Christ bribed senior Vatican cardinals. His colleague, Michael Sean Winters, isn’t.

Tim Drake speculates on Archbishop Gomez’s priorities as the future head of Los Angeles archdiocese.

Kathryn Jean Lopez clashes with Maureen Dowd over the status of women in the Church.

Ross Douthat wonders why the number of Americans who believe in the Resurrection is falling.

And Westminster Auxiliary Bishop George Stack gives the thumbs up to a new film about a Carmelite community in London.


Morning Catholic must-reads

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There was a torrent of comment on Pope Benedict XVI and the sex abuse crisis at the weekend. Here is a selection: John Allen, Fr Raymond de Souza, Fr Federico Lombardi, Richard Dawkins, Andrew M Brown, Ross Douthat, Maureen Dowd, Tim Rutton, Andrew Sullivan, India Knight, Rod Dreher, George Weigel, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Matt Taibbi, Conrad Black, Elizabeth Lev, John Hooper, Catherine Pepinster, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, Rocco Palmo, Archbishop Vincent Nichols and Michael McCarthy.

About three dozen demonstrators” held a protest outside Westminster Cathedral yesterday.

The Guardian publishes an extract from Philip Pullman’s controversial new novel, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ. Insight Scoop tears it apart.

Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has given a rare television interview (video).

And Mark Oppenheimer gives the thumbs down to a new computer game based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Archbishop Dolan takes on the Gray Lady

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Archbishop Timothy Dolan sounds like he’s really annoyed with the New York Times.

Photo: Archbishop Dolan raises the Book of the Gospels during his installation Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in April 15 (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

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Written by Luke Coppen

October 29, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Are you at risk of Personal Ordinariate Derangement Syndrome?

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Last year scientists identified a new condition affecting thousands of people around the world: Obama Derangement Syndrome. They define this as “the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the statements – nay – the very existence of Barack Obama”.

Researchers have now discovered a debilitating new substrain, which they are calling Personal Ordinariate Derangement Syndrome, or PODS.

If you are highly intelligent, have a worldwide following which hangs on your every word and have a pre-existing dislike of Benedict XVI, then you run a high risk of developing PODS. How do you know whether you have the syndrome? Simple: if you begin to write an article about the Pope’s new Anglican provision and find yourself raging about cannibalism, homophobia, misogyny and pederasty, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Prominent sufferers include Richard Dawkins, Maureen Dowd and Hans Küng.

Photo: A patient receives an inoculation against PODS

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Written by Luke Coppen

October 28, 2009 at 12:26 pm