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Morning Catholic must-reads

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The Pope will beatify Cardinal Newman in Birmingham rather than in Coventry and tour the Birmingham Oratory during his visit to Britain, it emerged yesterday.

The Russian Orthodox Church and Poland’s Catholic Church promised yesterday to help their nations seek reconciliation.

Pope Benedict has told cloistered nuns at the Dominican convent of Santa Maria del Rosario in Rome that their prayer helps to sustain the Church (full text).

Benedict XVI has blessed a 29ft-tall restored statue of the Virgin Mary at the Don Orione Centre (full text).

The Diocese of Brooklyn is promoting the Cause of a priest who welcomed black people into the Church in New York in the 1920s.

The organisers of World Youth Day 2011 have launched a new promotional advert (video).

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has said the methods of the professional liturgical establishment have led to “a dead end” (full text).

Michael Sean Winters offers a “final note” on the controversy over the alleged fabrication of quotes at a USCCB meeting.

Fr John Trigilio Jr argues that Fr Marcial Maciel duped Pope John Paul II.

And Louis Ruprecht praises the “eminently modern institutions” of the Vatican Library and the Vatican Museums.


Today’s Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict has accepted an invitation to visit Ukraine in 2012, sources in the country have reported. But the Russian Orthodox Church has suggested the visit may not be appropriate.

The Pope dedicated his general audience today to the theme of the priestly ministry of governing (video, full text of English remarks).

Orthodox Patriarchs Bartholomew I and Kirill have held a landmark meeting in Moscow.

The Irish Times reports that Cardinal Séan Brady has withdrawn from a talk at Oxford University because his presence might provoke protests.

Rising star Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Canberra and Goulburn has issued a major reflection on the clerical abuse crisis.

Historian Guy Walters welcomes Cardinal Walter Kasper’s announcement that the Vatican will open its archives on Pius XII within six years.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver says that those seeking to sue the Pope “have revived the notion of the Catholic Church as a Vatican-controlled monolith”.

British bloggers Mulier Fortis, Joanna Bogle and Bara Brith respond to the news that attendance at papal events in September will be strictly limited.

Headline Bistro previews the Pope’s visit to Cyprus next month.

And Deacon Greg Kandra hails the legendary Archbishop of New Orleans, Philip Hannan.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Benedict XVI called the Shroud an “icon written with blood” during his visit to Turin on Sunday (full text).

Before venerating the Shroud, the Pope greeted thousands of young people gathered in St Charles Square (audio).

The Pontiff also celebrated Mass in the square for the faithful of Turin archdiocese (video, homily text).

On Saturday the Vatican issued a statement condemning Fr Marcial Maciel and ordering the reform of the Legion of Christ (video). Sandro Magister comments.

Traditionalist Church of England bishops have told Vatican officials they are ready to accept the Pope’s offer of a Personal Ordinariate, the Sunday Telegraph reports. Christian Campbell comments.

The Foreign Office has put a senior diplomat in charge of its papal visit team following outrage over the memo mocking the Pope.

India’s Catholic bishops have recommended a zero-tolerance policy on clerical abuse.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega persuaded the Cuban authorities to allow a group of women known as the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) to hold a protest march yesterday.

Cardinal Roger Mahony led a march in Los Angeles on Saturday in protest at Arizona’s new immigration law.

Fr John Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame, has issued a statement on the pro-life activists arrested on campus last year.

A second Brazilian rancher has been jailed for ordering the murder of Sister Dorothy Stang in 2005.

The number of Polish candidates for the priesthood has fallen by 30 per cent, the Telegraph reports.

A piece of the plane that killed Polish president Lech Kaczyński will be embedded into the covering of the icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa.

The Serbian Orthodox Church has glorified (canonised) one of modern Orthodoxy’s harshest critics of ecumenism and the papacy.

Mother Clare Millea, leader of the Apostolic Visitation of US women religious, talks to the National Catholic Register.

Cardinal William Levada outlines a “new apologetics”.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver discusses John Paul II’s theology of the body (video).

And Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson writes an open letter to Pope Benedict in the wake of the abuse crisis.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Caritas has launched an ambitious campaign, Zero Poverty, aimed at completely eradicating child poverty (official website here).

Douglas Alexander, Britain’s Secretary of State for International Development, has personally thanked Pope Benedict XVI for his urgent appeal for Haiti.

The head of the Legion of Christ has urged members of the embattled congregation to be charitable towards one another.

Yesterday the Pope received seven more English and Welsh bishops on their ad limina visit to Rome.

Cardinal Walter Kasper has clashed with the head of Germany’s Evangelical Federation, the EKD, over Pope Benedict.

Thomas Peters offers more details about the next Archbishop of Los Angeles.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver says America’s high divorce rate is a sign of Satan’s continuing activity.

George Weigel hails the “pro-life, pro-marriage” environmentalism of Pope Benedict XVI.

Rocco Palmo wonders when the Pope will bring the College of Cardinals back up to its full voting complement of 120.

Edward Pentin talks to Cardinal Peter Turkson, the most senior African in the Roman Curia.

Villanova University has finished photographing St Peter’s Basilica in order to create a breathtaking virtual tour.

Sandro Magister asks why priests are supporting an adversary of the Church in a local Italian election.

Michèle Nuzzo-Naglieri profiles the priests and bishops who are already responding to the Pope’s call to evangelise the web.

New Atheist Christopher Hitchens is becoming the bane of liberal Christians.

Vivificat ponders the leaked outline of the Catholic-Orthodox discussion on papal primacy.

Headline Bistro examines the controversy over the pro-life advertisement that will be broadcast during the Superbowl.

Fr Anthony Chadwick speculates on the shape of the liturgy in the future Personal Ordinariates.

The proceedings of a major conference on “Christian Realism and Public Life: Catholic and Protestant Perspectives” at the University of St Thomas are now online (audio and video).

And Patrick Madrid explains how you can pray the Our Father with Pope Pius XII (audio).