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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict’s visit to Cyprus next month could lead to a historic meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow.

Benedict XVI expressed concern about the effects of climate change in Mongolia when meeting the country’s new ambassador to the Holy See yesterday (video).

The Pope also welcomed the first ambassador to the Holy See from the United Arab Emirates (video).

A Maltese man has been fined for posting a comment on Facebook saying the Pope should be shot.

Composer James MacMillan’s new Mass setting will be sung in Coventry as well as Glasgow during the Pope’s visit to Britain.

Jason Berry says the abuse crisis has created “cracks in the wall of the Roman Curia”.

Historian Diarmaid MacCulloch accuses Pope Benedict of attempting to re-write Vatican II.

Andrew Brown asks whether the creation of “synthetic life” has turned men into gods. Rod Dreher wonders what C S Lewis would have made of it.

Edward Pentin ponders the political risks of Pope Benedict’s visit to Cyprus.

David Gibson praises Cardinal Seán O’Malley of Boston for saying that Catholic schools should welcome the children of same-sex couples.

Thomas Reese SJ says Pope Benedict would support greater financial regulation in the United States.

Thomas Peters is annoyed by an irreverent new iPhone app.

And an Italian light-middleweight boxer has promised that if he wins a new title belt he will ask the Pope to bless it.


Morning Catholic must-reads

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The official website of Newman’s Cause responds to John Cornwell’s effort to debunk the miracle that will lead to the cardinal’s beatification in September.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is questioning the legality of Channel 4’s decision to broadcast an advertisement promoting abortion, the first of its kind in Britain.

Belgium’s Catholic bishops have asked sexual abuse victims for pardon in a pastoral letter issued after their ad limina visit to Rome (full text in French).

An Orthodox archbishop in Cyprus has warned critics of the Pope’s visit to the island on June 4 that they are placing themselves outside the Church.

Benedict XVI reflected on his trip to Portugal at his general audience yesterday (video, full text of remarks in English).

Pope Benedict will visit the Don Orione Centre in Rome to bless a statue of the Virgin “Salus populi romani” on June 24.

A survey finds that 66 per cent of Polish Catholics pray for the intercession of Pope John Paul II.

Jon Kraushar considers what President Barack Obama could learn from John Paul II.

Fr Ray Blake defends the “pre-emptive use” of the new English translation of the Mass.

Andrew Brown compares and contrasts Ireland’s two most prominent Catholic leaders: Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and Cardinal Seán Brady.

And the people of Flint, Michigan, remember a feisty nun known as “Sister Bingo“.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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On the third day of his four-day visit, Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass at the shrine of Our Lady of Fátima, addressed charity workers and met the Portuguese bishops. His visit concludes today with Mass in Porto and a farewell speech before he flies back to Rome.

Fr Federico Lombardi says he is surprised by the number of people turning out to see the Pope in Portugal.

The BBC reports that businesses affected by the papal Mass at Coventry Airport in September have been told they will not get compensation.

Rome Reports speaks to Sister Bernadette Sangma who is raising awareness of human trafficking at next month’s World Cup (video).

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York says he was filled with “dread and revulsion” when he saw the head of Our Lady of Nagasaki.

Andrew Brown of the Guardian says this is turning out to be a “very much less conservative papacy than anyone expected”.

Ross Douthat of the New York Times demands the resignation of Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, responds to his critics at the National Catholic Reporter.

And Greg Burke marvels at the wax body parts on sale in Fátima.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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The Foreign Office has ordered members of its papal visit team to undergo “urgent diversity training” following the leaking of a memo mocking the Pope.

Catherine Pepinster explains the background to the Foreign Office fiasco.

Andrew Brown, Neil Addison and Rob Vischer react to the Macfarlane ruling on religious discrimination. Simon Sarmiento has more reaction.

A 73-year-old priest has been killed in India.

The French Catholic Church is seeking candidates for priesthood on Facebook.

Philip Jenkins considers how the abuse crisis will change the Catholic Church.

Fr Raymond de Souza goes another round with Christopher Hitchens.

The Economist tours the Vatican Secret Archives.

Professor Eamon Duffy tries to define Anglican patrimony at a conference on Anglicanorum coetibus.

Joanna Bogle hails the new English translation of the Mass.

Matthew Archbold says ultrasounds will prove to be “the Rosa Parks of abortion”.

And the Church has finally done something to make Andrew Sullivan proud.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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The fall-out from the Foreign Office memo on Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain continues, with comment from Paul Reynolds, Rod Liddle, David Blackburn, Andrew Brown, Melanie Phillips, Jon Snow, cartoonist Martin Rowson, Araminta Wordsworth and the New York Sun.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has disclosed the identity of the Foreign Office official who wrote the memo.

The Guardian suggests the Vatican is worried that the abuse crisis could trigger a fall in donations.

The Report on BBC Radio 4 has a close look at the Murphy case (audio).

The Indian Church is urging the authorities not to allow English-language schools that are not run by nuns to call themselves “convent” schools.

The American political philosopher Hadley Arkes has been received into the Church.

And a new video celebrating 26 years of the World Youth Day Cross has been launched in Rome.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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A welter of articles defending the Pope’s handling of the abuse crisis have appeared in the wake of Fr Thomas Brundage’s revealing article on the “Murphy case”. Here are some notable ones: Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Thomas Collins, Archbishop Henryk Muszynski, the Executive Committee of the USCCB, Bill Donohue, the Anchoress, Jimmy Akin and Bess Twiston-Davies.

Andrew Brown says the Pope is not as powerful as many non-Catholics assume he is.

Tom McNichol of the Atlantic compares the abuse scandal to Watergate, dubbing it “papalgate“.

David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), doesn’t want Benedict XVI to resign. Kenneth Briggs disagrees.

And Sean Curnyn of First Things is transported by Johnny Cash’s biblically inspired last recording.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Cardinal Seán Brady has issued an apology for his role in the case of Ireland’s most notorious paedophile priest. Andrew Brown argues that he must step down.

The Pope will sign his long-awaited letter to the Irish faithful on Friday.

The Telegraph reports that the Pope will address half a million Catholics at a series of open-air Masses on the first-ever papal state visit to Britain and publishes an itinerary. John Haldane previews the visit.

The Vatican has denied that a bishop is involved in a sex scandal in Brazil that centres on an 82-year-old monsignor.

An Indian bishop has been bailed after police booked him for violating Madhya Pradesh state’s law on religious conversion.

Written by Luke Coppen

March 17, 2010 at 12:46 pm

Today’s Catholic must-reads

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The Bishops of England and Wales released their pre-election document, Choosing the Common Good, this morning. The BBC is describing it as a “Catholic attack on British society’s ‘lack of trust’“.

The Vatican’s spokesman says the Pope will visit Spain in November.

The Vatican has secretly elected a new delegate in China, the press agency i.media has claimed.

Singer Sinead O’Connor has savagely criticised Bishop Denis Brennan of Ferns.

A debate on whether England should return to the bosom of the Pope raised ancient Protestant hackles, says Andrew Brown.

And Anthony Hopkins is preparing to play a Vatican exorcist in a new Hollywood thriller.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict XVI touched on sex education, marriage preparation and child abuse in his address to the Pontifical Council for the Family yesterday (full text).

Irish bishops have promised victims of abuse that they will personally deliver a letter from them to the Pope.

Der Spiegel presents an in-depth investigation of the growing German priestly abuse scandal.

Cardinal Walter Kasper has floated the idea of an “ecumenical catechism” at a gathering of Christian leaders in Rome.

The General Synod of the Church of England is driving Anglo-Catholics to the brink once again, says Andrew Brown, as clergy predict a mass exodus over women bishops.

A Ugandan bishop has urged Catholics not to join the breakaway Catholic Apostolic National Church.

A pioneering priest blogger in Korea says he is heartened by the Pope’s World Communications Day message endorsing blogging.

London Christians are preparing to mark the 30th anniversary of the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

A replica of the Turin Shroud has gone on display in a parish church in Leeds.

An Evangelical says that Pope John Paul II’s self-mortification holds a lesson for all Christians.

And elephants are apparently exacting revenge on the persecutors of Christians in India.

Morning Catholic must-reads

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Andrew Brown says Pope Benedict’s speech to the English and Welsh bishops yesterday “raised every residual Protestant hackle in the country” (Pope’s full address here, Archbishop Nichols’s address here, Fr Z’s fisk of Pope’s speech here, ad limina photos here, video report here).

More than 800 people have signed a petition to “Make the Pope Pay” for his visit to Britain.

The new English translation of the Mass is likely to be introduced in parishes in Advent 2011.

Pope Benedict’s full address to the Roman Rota is finally available in English.

The Catholic bishops of France have said that a ban on full face veils will lead to more persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Jesus broke “all PR rules”, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna has said during his visit to America.

John Allen ponders two new documents that add to the debate about Pius XII’s wartime actions.

The hard-working NCR reporter also analyses the Italian bishops’ liberal stance on immigration.

And Commonweal talks to Diana Fritz Cates about St Thomas Aquinas and the emotions.