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Belgian bishops will discuss their country’s clerical abuse crisis with Benedict XVI later this week.

A well-connected Spanish blogger says Cardinal Pell will be appointed to the Vatican Congregation for Bishops by next month.

A former Episcopal bishop who became a Catholic has returned to the Episcopal Church.

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta says it is “high season” for the ecumenical movement.

The Portuguese Church is offering the faithful a series of “papal podcasts” in the run-up to Pope Benedict’s visit this month.

Archbishop Charles Palmer Buckle of Accra, Ghana, has denied claims that he owns a property worth two million dollars.

CNN picks over the future Pope’s role in the Kiesle case (video).

The photographer David LaChapelle has attacked the Church’s teaching on condoms in his new work “Thy Kingdom Come”.

The National Catholic Reporter says the “abuse crisis is actually a hierarchy crisis“.

David Walters considers why Christianity is being pushed to the margins of British life.

Eric Gorski examines the debate over whether clerical abusers should be defrocked.

Nicholas Kristof discusses his article about an American priest serving in southern Sudan (video).

And Michael Liccione ponders the future of Limbo.


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