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Sixty cardinals had lunch with Benedict XVI yesterday to mark the fifth anniversary of his election as Pope (video). Meanwhile, numerous commentators have assessed his papacy so far, including Archbishop Thomas Collins, Fr Vincent Twomey, Fr Joseph Fessio, Damian Thompson, David Gibson, Sylvia Poggioli, John Thavis, Tracey Rowland, Victor Simpson, Philip Lawler, Carl Olson, Robert Royal, Fr James Schall and Sabina Castelfranco.

The Week summarises reactions to Pope Benedict’s tears in Malta.

A Cuban Catholic cardinal has said his country is in crisis.

Peter Hitchens criticises the novelist Philip Pullman for telling a newspaper he hopes “the wretched Catholic Church will vanish entirely“.

Fr Owen Kearns admits that he was wrong to defend Fr Marcial Maciel against his accusers.

A baptised Catholic academic has caused uproar among African-Americans after writing an article proclaiming that “the Black Church is dead”.

A new website called British Religion in Numbers aims to explain religion statistics to the general public.

A film about a late-term abortion survivor will be featured at Cannes.

And the Cleveland Leader suggests that, if even the Pope falls asleep at Mass, it’s OK for others to do so too.


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