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Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster has written an article in the Times defending Pope Benedict against allegations that he covered up abuse.

L’Osservatore Romano has strongly denounced the coverage of the “Murphy case”.

The Pope has asked Cardinal Camillo Ruini to write the meditations for this year’s Way of the Cross.

Caritas Sri Lanka is still struggling to help displaced refugees nearly 10 months after the civil war ended.

Mehmet Ali Agca wants to visit Fatima on May 13 and meet Pope Benedict XVI.

Francisco Ayala, a biologist and former Dominican priest, has won the 2010 Templeton Prize.

The complete Acta Apostolicæ Sedis up to 2007, as well as the previous official publication Acta Sanctæ Sedis from 1865 onwards, are now online.

The Archdiocese of New York has urged the New York Times to correct a claim in its recent editorial on the Pope and abuse.

Fr John Zuhlsdorf offers a heartfelt reflection on the “Murphy case”.

Fr Roy Cimagala, a chaplain in Cebu City in the Philippines, argues that the abuse scandal is “crucifying the Church“.

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokeswoman of the US bishops, criticises the atmosphere of “intolerance and incivility” around the health care debate.

And the Vatican website is offering an eye-popping virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel.


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