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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian bishops’ conference, has argued that the Church is being unfairly singled out for criticism over abuse.

Four priests and two nuns who once worked in Regensburg diocese are now being investigated over allegations of sexual abuse.

In a big profile of the Pontiff, John Hooper of the Guardian asks: “Why has Benedict XVI upset more people than any other pope?

Michael Wolff argues that “the issue isn’t just sex abuse, it’s the Church“.

Writing for Slate, Michael Sean Winters says that “with Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican is finally taking a hard line on child abuse”.

Focolare will soon have its first beatified member.

The Pope will send the Holy Thursday collection at the Basilica of St John Lateran to Haiti.

Jill Stanek breaks down the pro-life Democrat voting stats on the healthcare bill.

American pro-lifers are to demonstrate at the Vatican calling for the excommunication of Nancy Pelosi.

James Tillman mourns the man John Paul II called the “apostle of life“.

And a Catholic tycoon is planning to donate half his fortune to the Church.