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Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster has set out the key themes of the pre-election document of the Bishops of England and Wales (video, audio, photos).

Benedict XVI reflected on his hero St Bonaventure at the general audience yesterday (video, full text).

Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, secretary of the Congregation for Clergy, has written a letter to the world’s priests (full text).

A Spanish exorcist has denied claims that there are Satanists in the Roman Curia.

The Vatican Television Centre will begin broadcasting in high definition from October.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has called for a ban on condom advertisements in public places.

Lebanon’s Maronite bishops have appealed for a national dialogue to address the country’s divisions.

The Traditional Anglican Communion has formally requested a Personal Ordinariate for the United States.

New Mexico’s Catholic bishops are not happy with a new food tax which they say penalises the poor.

The Guardian picks up on a new campaign to highlight the racist origins of the abortion movement.

Ignatius Insight publishes the article that was too edgy for the Notre Dame Observer.

No Hidden Magenta says the fuss about the US bishops’ revised guidelines on artificial nutrition and hydration is “much ado about nothing“.

Paul Lauritzen interviews Vatican stargazer Brother Guy Consolmagno (audio).

Carl Olson ponders the difference between atheists and liberal Anglicans.

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo identifies two different types of American bishop.

A website offers a new way to experience the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem (video).

And Danielle Bean wonders if full body scans are really an affront to modesty.


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