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The Scottish bishops have arrived in Rome for their ad limina visit (and more photos of the English and Welsh bishops’ ad limina visit have gone online).

The Pope urged priests to hit the books at his general audience yesterday (video here).

He has also encouraged a lay-led pontifical foundation to promote Islamic and Arabic studies.

John Smeaton of SPUC urges the Bishops of England and Wales to repudiate their own Diversity and Equality Guidelines.

Philip Booth of the Institute of Economic Affairs says the Church should shift the focus from “rights” to “freedom”.

The blogger Cranmer says “one must thank God that the King of the Vatican is prepared to ‘interfere’” in British politics.

Angela Mason, the commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, disagrees.

Lisa Fullam of Commonweal takes issue with Pope Benedict’s comments about dissent.

The BBC’s director-general has discussed coverage of Pope’s visit at the Vatican amid criticism from senior clergy.

A British GP who sent her daughter to Spain for an abortion at 31 weeks has been struck off the medical register.

Boston archdiocese has launched a new website to promote Confession this Lent.

Proceedings against the Canadian bishop on child porn charges will continue in April.

A court in Hong Kong has dismissed a challenge to an education bill which the Church fears will undermine the Catholic school system.

Eric Sammons offers a guide to the 23 sui juris churches that make up the Catholic Church.

Son Rise Morning Show alerts us to a film about priests that we’ll want to miss.

Catholic.net is sponsoring a contest, awarding a free trip to Rome or the Holy Land to a lucky priest.

And Opinionated Catholics wonders if a future pope will have to rule on the morality of using robots on the battlefield.


Written by Luke Coppen

February 4, 2010 at 11:09 am

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  1. Bless you (again).


    Archbishop Cranmer

    February 4, 2010 at 11:17 am

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