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La Croix reports that Bishop Richard Williamson has broken his enforced silence, giving an interview in French, describing Vatican-SSPX talks as a “dialogue of the deaf“.

The Holy See and the SSPX have reportedly held a “secret” meeting.

Pope Benedict XVI has asked Ireland’s bishops to come to Rome next month to discuss the country’s abuse crisis.

The new Archbishop of Malines-Brussels has changed his name and set out his ambitions for the post.

The New York Times reports on bloody clashes between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria.

Malaysian police say they have arrested eight people over the firebombing of a church.

Let’s build a better Haiti, urges the head of Caritas in the earthquake-struck country.

A Catholic archbishop is supporting a Protestant leader who criticised Germany’s role in Afghanistan.

The Vatican has outlined the agenda for October’s Synod on the Middle East (lineamenta in full here).

Pro-abortion senator Barbara Boxer has said the US Senate’s healthcare bill abortion compromise is “only an ‘accounting procedure’ “.

The New York Times relishes a guide to food and drink made by monks and nuns.

Mark Shea wrestles with the meaning of the term “neo-Catholic”.

And Terry Eagleton has dedicated his new book, On Evil, to Henry Kissinger.


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