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Photo: Pope Benedict XVI prays at the tomb of Pope Pius XII in the grotto of St Peter’s Basilica in October 2008 (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

The Vatican is investigating a “presumed miracle” attributed to the intercession of Pope Pius XII.

Pope Benedict XVI began the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity yesterday by receiving a Catholic-Lutheran delegation from Finland (video here).

A Spanish priest killed in the country’s civil war will be beatified this Sunday.

Forty people have been killed in Nigeria following an attack on a Catholic church in the city of Jos.

A parliamentary committee has ruled that the law prohibiting members of the royal family from being or marrying a Catholic breaches human rights laws.

An English bishop has urged British voters to make the plight of Palestinian Christians a general election issue.

John Allen brings together a wide array of reactions to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Rome’s Great Synagogue on Sunday. Michael Sean Winters compares Benedict’s visit to that of John Paul II. You can hear Cardinal Walter Kasper’s thoughts on the visit here.

Meanwhile, Israel and the Holy See are seeking to end long-running disputes over tax and the ownership of holy sites.

And Salon reports on a campaign to persuade US Republicans to agree that the death penalty is as immoral as abortion.


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