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Pope Benedict XVI is appealing for a major relief effort in Haiti following the 7.3 magnitude earthquake (video here).

The US ambassador to the Holy See, Miguel Diaz, echoes Pope Benedict’s concern for Haitians (audio).

Tom Hoopes asks: What does God have against Haiti?

Cardinal Walter Kasper discusses the Pope’s visit to Rome’s Great Synagogue on Sunday (audio).

Pope Benedict will have a message for non-believers when he visits Portugal later this year.

The Archbishop of San Francisco quotes The Brothers Karamazov in his forceful column criticising House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The results of embryonic stem-cell research in California are extremely disappointing.

Nesrine Malik exposes Egypt’s “sectarian shame”.

One of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize nominees has singled out Pope John XXIII for praise.

John Allen suggests the Church should target the world’s growing elderly population.

Margaret O’Brien Steinfels reflects on the Catholicism of the late Eric Rohmer.

And Mehmet Ali Agca, the man who shot John Paul II, is hoping to team up with Dan Brown.


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