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Pope Benedict XVI’s “state of the world” address has provoked a remarkable variety of headlines around the world (official video here).

A woman running for a European Commission post may be about to be rejected because she is Catholic, in a re-run of the Rocco Buttiglione affair.

Holocaust survivors are urging Rome’s chief rabbi to tell the Pope of their pain at the decision to advance Pius XII’s Cause.

Michael Sean Winters predicts that Pope Benedict will regret his dealings with “anti-Semitic monarchists who have been disloyal to every pope since Leo XIII”.

One of the most exotically named members of the College of Cardinals has died, aged 84.

A couple explain what it felt like to have their newborn baptised by the Holy Father in the Sistine Chapel.

US Catholic stands up for the much-maligned post-conciliar musical tradition.

The Daily Telegraph says the late Eric Rohmer “was a Roman Catholic film-maker rather than a film-maker who happened to be Roman Catholic”.

Steven D Greydanus worries that the third Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is drifting away from guiding vision of C S Lewis.


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