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Morning Catholic must-reads

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Pope Benedict XVI returned to the theme of the “dictatorship of relativism” at his general audience yesterday. The Catholic News Service sums up his thoughts.

Barack Obama’s address to the Muslim world is voted the top religion story of 2009.

A study suggests that a third of the world’s nations suppress religious believers.

The US bishops write to the Senate to express their latest concerns about heathcare reform proposals.

The Vatican probe into the Legion of Christ will conclude in March.

A priest who campaigns against child abuse praises Pope Benedict for his efforts to combat priestly paedophilia.

Basque priests reportedly reject the Pope’s choice as the new Bishop of San Sebastian.

Barrister Neil Addison ponders the consequences for church schools of the JFS ruling.

George Pitcher explains why he’s not worried about Britain’s “lost Christians”.

Andrew Brown reflects on the apparent “generational decline” in religious faith in Britain.

The creator of a ballet featuring a pope who strangles a nun with rosary beads criticises the BBC for refusing to screen it.

The new Archbishop of Milwaukee takes on “Young Catholics for Choice”.

John Allen wonders why Catholics aren’t denouncing Uganda’s draconian anti- gay bill.

Philip Jenkins applauds Allen’s new book, The Future Church.

Headline Bistro profiles Dietrich von Hildebrand, a “knight for truth in a relativistic world”.

And AP explains where you can buy the best “Jesus junk” this Christmas.


Archbishop Nichols issues Christmas video message

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You can watch it here.

Written by Luke Coppen

December 16, 2009 at 3:22 pm