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In this week’s issue, Andrew M Brown challenges Keir Starmer, Director of Public Prosecutions, over his guidelines on assisted suicide. Dennis Sewell examines the deadly impact of Darwin’s followers. Mark Dowd wonders why devout Catholics happily ignore Pope Benedict XVI on the environment. Angelo Stagnaro explains why the European Union owes a debt to the Virgin Mary, and I interview Bishop William Kenney, CP, the administrator of Birmingham archdiocese.

Hugh David applauds as a another myth about faith schools crumbles. Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith traces the origins of English anti-popery. Will Heaven wonders why no one is defending the traditional family and Nick Thomas feels betrayed by a musical hero.

David V Barrett explains why obsessives are attracted to the Templars. Francis Phillips hails a revisionist study of the Gunpowder Plot and Stuart Reid discovers how hard it is to practise the corporal works of mercy.

This is only a small part of this week’s paper. You may like to pick up a copy (at the back of Catholic churches in Britain and Ireland) or subscribe here.


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