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Cardinal Pell takes on the ‘ugly Goliath’ of the human rights industry

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Cardinal George Pell has made a typically robust defence of religious freedom.

Zenit reports:

An Australia commission purportedly established to protect human rights seems to be omitting freedom of religion and conscience from its lists, according to Cardinal George Pell.

In fact, as explained by the archbishop of Sydney, there’s only one question about the outcome of an inquiry the Human Rights Commission has been doing in Australia for more than a year: ‘How bad it will be?’

Cardinal George Pell noted his lack of optimism about the project because right from the start, he said, the commission’s race discrimination commissioner, Tom Calma, was reported as expressing his concern about a ‘growing fundamentalist religious lobby’ in matters such as same-sex relationships, stem-cell research and abortion.

In the speech, the Archbishop of Sydney compares the situation in Australia to that in Britain and the United States:

The USA and Britain are still a long way away from where we are now. And that is where we want to keep it. We need to be clear about what is happening elsewhere in the world and be both vigilant and confident in protecting all human rights, including the right to religious freedom, especially through the parliaments.

When the human rights industry starts to treat religious freedom as a problem, it makes itself an ugly Goliath. But we should not be cowed. Due to age and arthritis my running days are gone but speaking metaphorically, we should remember instead the example of David, and start running at him. We should also remember that David felled Goliath.

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Written by Luke Coppen

November 24, 2009 at 1:07 pm

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