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In this week’s Catholic Herald, Archbishop Vincent Nichols says the way we treat the elderly “gives the lie to claims … that we are a most well-developed society”. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor applauds Pope Benedict’s “generous response” to Anglican traditionalists. Edward Pentin previews the Pontiff’s trip to the birthplace of Paul VI on Sunday and Freddy Gray profiles the Catholic Democratic Congressman who is leading the charge against abortion in Obamacare.

An exorcist explains why the Devil is afraid of you and the new Bishop of the Forces says it’s “hugely important” to pray for military chaplains on Remembrance Sunday. Simon Cole talks to the Lutheran pastor who preached the Sermon on the Mount to the Stasi. Fr Michael Rear says the Pope’s Anglican offer was 400 years in the making. And John Newton calls for a revival of Gregorian Masses for departed souls. David Campanale says the time has finally arrived for Christian Democracy in Britain, Mary Kenny reckons Radio 4 has finally given John Paul II his due and Will Heaven urges you to down a gin and tonic.

Andrew M Brown is dazzled by Bright Star, Alan Caine is exhilarated by Turner and Michael White sees an 84-year-old maestro who’s still on top form. Jonathan Wright wonders how dangerous the Reformation really was, Jack Carrigan salutes the people who brought down the Wall and John Hinton is impressed by the derring-do of a former Tablet editor.

Finally, we explain why Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York is checking his post for a consignment of tastykakes.

That’s just a hint of what’s in the paper this week. For the full experience, you can buy the paper at your local Catholic church this weekend or take out a subscription.

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Written by Luke Coppen

November 6, 2009 at 10:13 am

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