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Hans Küng: Pope Benedict wants to be a Roman emperor

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Hans Küng has broken his silence about the Apostolic Constitution. Writing on the Guardian website he accuses Pope Benedict of being “set upon restoring the Roman imperium”.

He continues:

He makes no concessions to the Anglican communion. On the contrary, he wants to preserve the medieval, centralistic Roman system for all ages – even if this makes impossible the reconciliation of the Christian churches in fundamental questions. Evidently, the papal primacy – which Pope Paul VI admitted was the greatest stumbling block to the unity of the churches – does not function as the ‘rock of unity’.

The old-fashioned call for a ‘return to Rome’ raises its ugly head again, this time through the conversion particularly of the priests, if possible, en masse. In Rome, one speaks of a half-million Anglicans and 20 to 30 bishops. And what about the remaining 76 million?

This is a strategy whose failure has been demonstrated in past centuries and which, at best, might lead to the founding of a ‘uniate’ Anglican ‘mini-church’ in the form of a personal prelature, not a territorial diocese.

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Written by Luke Coppen

October 28, 2009 at 7:30 am

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