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The Anglican Ordinariate: A round-up of today’s comments

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The outpouring of comment on the new Anglican provision continues. Here are today’s highlights:

In the Times, comedian Frank Skinner speaks of his mixed feelings about the Anglican Ordinariate. “I’ve dreamt of a reunion of the Catholic and Anglican churches in the past but I always imagined it would be a marrying of the best of both, not a rallying of the worst,” he writes.

Writing in the Evening Standard, Melanie McDonagh says “there is a downside to the Pope’s plan”.

The Guardian’s Andrew Brown explains why he believes “the Pope has parked his tanks on the lawn that was once [Robert] Runcie’s”.

The Tablet’s leading article suggests “there will be long-term consequences for the Catholic Church, such as a growing plurality of liturgy”.

Also in the Tablet, Elena Curti and Robert Mickens cite Fr Aidan Nichols’s seminal book The Panther and the Hind, which outlined a Uniate model for the reception of Anglicans. They conclude: “It is hard to see how this new development will do anything but further sow division in the Anglican Communion and confusion among Catholics who have long been committed to the work of ecumenism.”

In the Washington Post, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, says the decision is a “both a cause for sadness and celebration”.

In the New York Times Robert Mackey suggests that “Catholic beliefs might give Anglicans pause”.

Francis X Rocca at the Wall Street Journal looks at the profound liturgical implications of the move.

Blogger Andrew Sullivan describes the new provisions as “the Pope’s Anglican Blitzkrieg”.

John Allen talks to NPR about what the move means for celibate Catholic clergy.

Jack Smith at The Catholic Key blog reports that traditional Anglicans sought the intercession of St Thérèse of Lisieux as they awaited Rome’s decision.

Episcopal Bishop Jack Spong asserts that the Pope’s move shows how “out-of-date and irrelevant institutional Christianity has become”.

Orthodox Christian Rod Dreher applauds what he calls “Pope Benedict’s brilliant strategy”.

Mary E Hunt at Religion Dispatches describes the Anglican Ordinariate as a “theological scandal”.

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda tells The New Vision that African Anglicans do not need the Pope’s offer. The head of the Anglican Church in Kenya is also dismissive.

Photo: Frank Skinner performs during Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball 2008 at the Royal Albert Hall (Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images)

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Written by Luke Coppen

October 23, 2009 at 9:15 am

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